What do I do if I have a Fire?

Suffering a loss of any type when you have a fire in your home or business is traumatic for anyone. It’s not something that is typically ever prepared for, so the Eddie Russeck Public Adjusters team wanted to put together this guide of the steps to take in the event you should experience a fire.

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First, Have a Plan for a Fire

The thought of having a fire is among the most unpleasant things to be ready for. However, having some basic plans in place will make all the difference in your family's safety.

Some of the basic plans that your family should have:

  1. Escape routes with alternatives in the event a main escape route is blocked. Every room and family member should have their own escape plan based on the location of that room.
  2. A designated meeting place. Use a location that is distant enough from the house but is also easy to remember. Consider using the mailbox, a tree, and etc.
  3. Practice an escape drill. Knowing your route is one thing. Being able to follow it in the moment is another. With your family, have each family member practice their escape route. Everyone should keep in mind that they will want to keep themselves low to avoid inhaling smoke in their escape.
  4. Every year, create a video documenting your possessions. Be sure to narrate highlighting the items you are documenting. With cell phones, it’s easy to create and store this for future reference. In the event of a total loss, this could serve as great tool to highlight items that were lost.

If you’ve experienced a Fire

First and foremost, our condolences for your loss. We understand the challenges that you’re experiencing. Our Public Adjusting team has helped hundreds of families in the Philadelphia Area including Bucks County, Montgomery County, and New Jersey.

More importantly, it’s important to make sure proper action is taken to properly recover your losses.

While you are entitled to help from your insurance agent, using a Public Adjuster can make the difference between being on the hook for a large portion of your loss and being covered 100%.

This is why it is important to get in touch with a Public Adjuster as soon as possible.

Your Public Adjuster will initiate the investigation to ensure a full recovery from your loss.

The team at Eddie Russeck Public Adjusters is here to help you in the event of a fire. We will walk you through the entire process. Please contact us to get the process started.